Architectural Renderings

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It's your design. We just help others see it.
We combine a multidisciplinary approach to our creative process.
With backgrounds in
architectural design, art direction, film special effects and graphic design, we blend all of these disciplines.

Think of Foundation Imaging as Your Graphics Department down the hall.

One of the greatest strengths of 3D visualization is the ability to communicate a vision that has not yet become a reality, allowing you to sell an idea! Think of the cost savings of not having to build a mock up, prototype, or even an actual building before approaching potential customers or pursuing investors. You have eliminated a great amount of upfront resources and are allowed to pursue the feasibility of a project while visually expressing and verifying your design and vision.

We will work tirelessly to bring every aspect of your design to life.
Yes, even that really amazing marble countertop with the little speckled things that give your kitchen design that 'special sumthin'. We'll get that right too.
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For Interior Designers

Renderings with multiple schemes is one of our most popular services.

Interior Design Professionals typically need to show multiple design schemes when presenting to a client. We work directly with Materials Venders and Designers to create extremely accurate interior renderings. Photos, Paint Swatches, Carpet Samples, Lighting Information and Attention to DETAIL help us produce successful presentations and winning bids!

Color Accuracy
Accurate color is paramount when showcasing any design but Interior design tends to require a higher level of accuracy. For this reason, we employ actual swatches and paint samples from industry venders to color-match your designs throughout the process.

Many of our clients simply require a digital file as a final deliverable for email distribution or internal printing. Others will require a Mounted Print for their presentations. We work with a local vender who specializes in color accurate photography printing and who has been in the business for years.

The result?
Most visitors look at our sample renderings and ask, "Are these photographs?"
It's our favorite question. :-)

Presentation Graphics

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Foundation Imaging supports a full range of graphic services for professional presentations.
• Floor Plan and Site Plan color layout
• Large Format Print Design
• PowerPoint
• Billboard Design
• Brochure Design
• Website Development
• Video Presentation Design
• DVD Authoring
We will meet your need at any phase of your development. From very early Massing Models and conceptual drawings to final presentation and Marketing Renderings, we will start from a napkin and finish with formal, mounted or digital presentations.

We work very hard to compliment your existing in-house team
Weather you have a full staff of in-house marketing team members or if you exclusively hire out-of-house for graphic support, we will seamlessly integrate our services to provide a natural integration to your development workflow.

Contact us to discuss your presentation needs. contact button-100

Aerial Photography

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All we need is the location of your site and we'll take care of the rest.
We will coordinate with pilots in your area to take photos of your location and our crack team of artists will apply graphics to tell your story.
• Marketing and Sales promotion of communities
• Timed construction progress photos
• Community Maps for Sales Centers
• Area Attraction locators, etc...
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All this can easily be arranged from any location in the world.

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